The mission of the Awakenings is to Make Visible the artistic expression of survivors of sexual violence.

Awakenings is home to a multi-media art gallery featuring the artistic expressions of rape and sexual abuse survivors. By showcasing stories of survival, we are helping survivors find peace while simultaneously challenging the cultural taboos that prevent an honest discussion of sexual violence.
We shine a light on the truth. We don’t mince words. We are up front and dead center about the prevalence of rape and sexual abuse in our culture. We are here to tell the truth and share the stories of the survivors brave enough to tell them.
If you are an artist, writer, musician, or any other type of creative truth-teller, you can submit examples of your work online for inclusion in our exhibits, our magazine, and our events.

The Nightingale is an online literary blog published by Awakenings.  This is a safe space for any individual who wants to share thoughts or experiences regarding sexual violence.

This specific call part of a series of monthly prompts for The Nightingale. Submissions for this prompt will be accepted through the end of February 2020. Pieces should be between 500 and 1,000 words. 

Recipe for healing.

In February, when we’re in the middle of winter (in the northern hemisphere, at least) and a nice warm meal can work wonders, we’d like to invite you to imagine healing as a recipe. 

What are the ingredients, and how do they all work together? What kind of dish is it, and what will the finished product be like? 

Your recipe for healing can be literal or abstract. Send us a food recipe for something comforting, like your favorite self-care dish. Tell us about where the recipe comes from, or when you like to make it, or how it makes you feel. 

If you’d like to take a more figurative approach, tell us about ingredients of experience that have worked together to make something new in your life. How many cups and tablespoons of self-care do you mix together for the perfect day? What steps have you taken over time, for healing that takes months or years to “cook”? 

We know no two recipes will be alike, and like all forms of healing, different recipes may or may not work for different people. This is always okay, and we know here at The Nightingale that sharing and listening to one another’s stories can be healing in itself.  

We’re always accepting memoir, fiction, essay, reviews, and resources. Feel free to interpret the prompt broadly and send us a review of a cookbook or an essay on the idea of comfort food at large! 

What is your recipe for healing?

 Before submitting, please read our criteria and guidelines.
Please note that we will try to respond to every submission, however, the timeline of our responses may vary due to the workload of our readers and editorial team.

All posts should be between 500 and 1,000 words. We’re looking for writing that contributes to the Awakenings mission and seeks to make visible the artistic expression of survivors of sexual violence. Share your own story, or share thoughts and ideas related to the topic.

 We accept previously published and unpublished work, and all Awakenings writers maintain the rights to their work. We are accepting submissions from anyone who wishes to participate, whether or not they themselves identify as a survivor.
Please note that we reserve the right to edit our writers’ work for typos, clarity, and grammar. Comments may appear on published blog posts, but Awakenings will approve any comments before they are published.

We are NOT accepting poetry in the blog. Please look for the Awakened Voices magazine issue call (open twice a year) where you can submit poetry (and other forms).


  • Writing must be on the topic of sexual violence. We include harassment under our definition of sexual violence.
  • Writers who identify as survivors of sexual violence are strongly encouraged to submit work.
  • Writers who do not identify as survivors of sexual violence may submit work; however, we do reserve the right to decline your submission if it does not comply with our mission as a literary magazine dedicated to healing from sexual violence.
  •  We accept simultaneous submissions. Please let us know as soon as possible if the submission has been accepted elsewhere.
  • We accept profanity.
  • We encourage a short author biography. 
  • We cannot pay our writers at this time, but we will be strong advocates for your work.
  • We reserve the right to make edits for typos, clarity, and grammar corrections. 
  • If you have any requests regarding formatting or layout please include them in the comments field.
  • We accept submissions of both unpublished and previously published works.  


Questions about the submission process or guidelines? Contact Magazine@awakeningsart.org