Ends on October 15, 2019

Awakened Voices is an online literary magazine published by Awakenings.  This is a safe space for any individual who wants to share thoughts or experiences regarding sexual violence.
The Awakened Voices Serialization is a new feature as of 2018, as a response to the feedback from our community of survivors, allies, and advocates to expand our literary offerings in a bigger way...and to that end...by being able to submit writing that is longer.

Before submitting, please read our criteria and guidelines. 

Please note that we will try to respond to every submission, however, the timeline of our responses may vary due to the workload of our readers and editorial team.

We’re looking for writing that contributes to the Awakenings mission and seeks to make visible the artistic expression of survivors of sexual violence. Share your own story, or share thoughts and ideas related to the topic.

The serialization branch is intended to publish work in multiple episodes or issues. We are looking for work that is at minimum 30pages long. We do not have a maximum at this time.

We accept previously published and unpublished work, and all Awakenings writers maintain the rights to their work. We are accepting submissions from anyone who wishes to participate, whether or not they themselves identify as a survivor.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit our writers’ work for typos, clarity, and grammar.

The work should be a a series, vilanelle or a book-length, or otherwise longer length of writing that would normally not be able to be published online due to length restrictions.


  • Writing must be on the topic of sexual violence. We include harassment under our definition of sexual violence.
  • Writers who identify as survivors of sexual violence are strongly encouraged to submit work.
  • Writers who do not identify as survivors of sexual violence may submit work; however, we do reserve the right to decline your submission if it does not comply with our mission as a literary magazine dedicated to healing from sexual violence.
  •  We accept simultaneous submissions. Please let us know as soon as possible if the submission has been accepted elsewhere.
  • We accept profanity.
  • We encourage a short author biography. 
  • We cannot pay our writers at this time, but we will be strong advocates for your work.
  • We reserve the right to make edits for typos, clarity, and grammar corrections. 
  • If you have any requests regarding formatting or layout please include them in the comments field.
  • We accept submissions of both unpublished and previously published works.  
  • Rights remain with the writer. We just ask that you cite Awakened Voices in the future.


Questions about the submission process or guidelines? Contact Magazine@awakeningsart.org